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Driving mistakes you (probably) made today

It often appears that accidents happen because of a major mistake. Someone runs a red light or merges into a vehicle in a neighboring lane. While that may be the final piece of the puzzle, the reality is that people make a multitude of smaller driving mistakes all the time, and these can contribute to accidents as well. You may even have made some of these driving mistakes today.

For instance, it is very common for people who share cars with a spouse or a roommate to neglect to adjust the mirrors before they drive. They just get in and pull out of the driveway, ready to get to their destination. However, failing to adjust the mirrors can create new blind spots, which can then lead to accidents while backing up or merging. Two seconds to make the adjustment to your mirrors can prevent a crash.

The '3-second-rule' isn't always enough

You may have heard of the three-second rule, which is intended to prevent tailgating. Essentially, it just means that you should always be at least three seconds behind the next car. This way, if that car stops suddenly, you have enough time to react and stop without hitting it.

It's easy to figure out. Just pick a fixed point on the side of the road -- like a sign -- and then count off seconds after that car passes the point. If it takes your car three seconds to pass it, you're far enough back.

Questions all business owners should ask

Most business owners know that adaptability is the key to survival. You need to be able to take advantage of opportunities and react to challenges.

It’s no surprise that most owners are continually reiterating their company. Here are a few things every business owner should be considering:

Why are holidays a risk for dog bites?

Dog bites may seem like they'll only happen in the summer or when strays might be on the loose, but the reality is that they can happen at any time. In fact, many dog bites happen during holidays.

There are a few reasons why dogs are more prone to bite during holidays. For instance, on Halloween, people dress up and may not look the same to a pet. Their scents may be masked, which also changes what the pet perceives. This can lead to fear, aggression and a bite. Additionally, trick-or-treating children come onto the property, so a dog that is territorial may be prone to biting.

Sheriff's office settles wrongful death case from 2014

Living in Florence, it's likely that you've been to the border between Kentucky and Ohio. The Ohio River is a popular place for people to have parties and to go out on the water, but it can also be dangerous.

In a case in Boone County, the sheriff's office will pay out $3.5 million in a case involving a car of individuals shot by a sheriff's deputy on the way out from a party in 2014.

61-year-old man gets 20 years in prison for crash deaths

In car crashes, it's common to see injuries. Sometimes, those injuries are so serious that they lead to death. When that happens, families are left with holes in their hearts and bills on their tables. It's important they're not left to deal with the fallout on their own. The person who caused the crash should be held liable.

It can take time to resolve car crashes, especially when they involve deaths. In one such case, a 61-year-old man from Independence reportedly had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that was close to three times the legal limit and was found to have narcotics in his system along with benzodiazepines following a fatal crash.

Multivehicle crash leads to multiple injuries near Florence

Crashes happen on highways frequently. There is always the issue of high levels of traffic, and it's easy to see how the stop-and-go nature of traffic could result in an accident. If you live in Kentucky or lower Ohio, then you're familiar with I-71 and I-75. Both highways are particularly dangerous due to the heavy traffic flow each allows for every day.

Multivehicle crashes aren't uncommon on I-71 or I-75, which is why the news about a multicar crash on I-75 on Sept. 16 isn't surprising to hear about. With traffic at a high near Florence, Covington and Cincinnati, this scene is all too common.

Four mistakes to avoid before starting your first business

Starting a business is an exciting adventure for most. However, it’s also an adventure full of difficult challenges and large hurdles. Many aspiring entrepreneurs try to develop their path to success and end up abandoning their passion.

Mistakes are expected to happen along the way, but too many mistakes may end your adventure story abruptly. That’s why business owners need to know ways to prevent some of the most common errors and eventually achieve their adventure by running a business.

Amish man killed in alleged DUI crash

When you think about Kentucky, you may not think about the Amish. However, there are Amish communities in the state. People who drive around buggies need to make sure that they understand how to be safe. Spooking a horse, getting too close to the buggy and other unsafe actions can lead to fatal accidents.

People in buggies do not have safety belts, air bags or other equipment to keep them safe. Similar to a motorcyclist, riders in buggies can be thrown from their vehicles easily. That's what happened in this tragic accident.

Road debris causes thousands of accidents

One of the major issues with crashes on highways comes down to debris. Whether it's rocks or materials from other vehicles that clutter the roadway, there's a risk of people getting into a collision as a result.

Take, for example, someone driving on the highway with branches in the back of their truck bed. At high enough speeds, and without securing the items in place, they could fly into the air and onto the roads, impacting other vehicles.

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