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Crashes between cars and tractor-trailers can be fatal

When tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles collide, the results are often fatal to the occupants of the passenger vehicle. Those traveling in passenger vehicles are much more vulnerable in this type of crash because tractor-trailers weigh significantly more than passenger vehicles do and have a higher ground clearance.

Collisions between tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles can be caused by the truck driver’s actions, such as improperly balancing the load, following too closely behind another vehicle or driving when drowsy. However, some crashes are caused by other drivers on the road who may not understand how to drive safely around such large vehicles.

Wrong-way crashes: A problem between Ohio and Kentucky's highways

Living in Florence, you may travel up to Cincinnati for work or cross the border into Ohio to see friends or family regularly. As you know, the area can be dangerous, and it's relatively busy with construction and traffic nearly around the clock.

That's why it may not be surprising that there have been so many wrong-way collisions between Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. At least seven wrong-way collisions have happened in that vicinity since 2012.

Who's to blame if you're hurt on a sidewalk?

You were walking outside when it happened. You slid and fell, striking your head on the pavement. When you looked back to see what caused you to fall, you noticed a slick area on the sidewalk that was possibly caused by the neighbor's sprinkler system.

The sidewalk itself is public property, but the cause of your fall, you believe, is directly related to your neighbor's sprinklers. Now, you're not sure what you should do. Should you reach out to the city? Do you ask the neighbor to compensate you?

Hit-and-run crashes: Here's what you should do

If you're involved in a crash, the last thing you'd expect is for someone to hit you and then run. Unfortunately, that does happen.

There are a few reasons why people might choose to flee after hitting another vehicle. One could be that the driver is intoxicated or using drugs, so they flee to avoid getting caught. Another driver might choose to flee due to intentionally causing a crash. Others may flee due to fear or confusion after a crash. Regardless of the cause, it's unacceptable behavior.

Crash results in injuries, single vehicle overturning

It's interesting, but in some cases, a single mistake can lead to a multiple-vehicle collision. Take, for example, a woman who was traveling north near Pine Top Road who then pulled in front of a gravel truck that was headed east. She collided with the vehicle as they crossed paths, then moved on to strike a white Chevy pickup truck that was also approaching the intersection.

The gravel truck overturned due to the impact, landing on its side on the shoulder of the parkway. The 54-year-old woman who caused the collision remained at the scene and was taken to the hospital for injuries and treatment. It was later determined that she had been intoxicated at the time of the collision, so she was placed under arrest for a DUI. She had not been wearing a seat belt and was also in possession of drugs.

Stay safe with these tips for stop-and-go traffic

Cincinnati and Florence are two busy areas near the state line. People often travel between the two areas, driving from one state to the other frequently for gatherings, personal trips and work.

Sometimes, airport traffic gets out of hand, and that can lead to serious collisions. Two busy roadways combine near the airport — I-275 and Airport Access Road. Traffic is heavy, and people tend to speed because of the potential for getting stuck at traffic lights.

Doctor continued to work despite claims of causing overdoses

Living in Florence, there is a chance that you could have to travel to Ohio for medical treatments at specialized hospitals. Columbus and Cincinnati both have hospitals that you may go to if you're involved in a crash or incident while working in the state.

Although this is out-of-network for you, it's important to know about the hospitals that you could be taken to. For instance, Mount Caramel in Columbus is close to Cincinnati and could be one hospital that patients involved in crashes would be taken to. It was recently in the news because of a doctor who continued to order excessive pain medication for patients.

How to read what a dog is trying to tell you

Many people don't like to be around dogs because they assume the dog wants to bite them. Dogs don’t usually interacti with humans intending to bite, but sometimes it does happen. What most people don’t realize is that dogs will usually try to communicate that they’re uncomfortable long before showing their teeth.

Because they can’t speak, dogs use several forms of body language to try to tell people to back off. These are a few of the earliest signs dogs will give to show that they are uncomfortable and want to be left alone. If you or your child does suffer a dog bite, be sure to speak with a personal injury attorney – they will go over your options for getting the resources necessary to make a full recovery.

Why do people drive despite the risks?

When you look at the risks associated with driving, it's hard to understand why people do it. Tens of thousands of people die in car accidents every year, and many more are injured. Is it actually worth it to use this means of transportation?

However, the automobile has a very central place in American identity, despite the sheer amount of lives that it takes. Researchers note that, historically speaking, this often revolved around sight-seeing and driving for pleasure. Cars gave people the chance to travel in comfort and see the country, something they had never had before. They embraced this and it continues to this day.

How can you identify a bad business partner?

Getting a bad business partner can lead to all sorts of issues and even potential lawsuits in the future. It can run your company into the ground. It can crush what you've dreamed of building for your entire life.

Even so, people make mistakes all the time when it comes to picking business partners. They overlook red flags or get too excited about the business idea to slow down and really think about how they're putting it all together. How can you avoid these issues and spot a bad business partner from the beginning?

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