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You can avoid a crash in traffic with these 3 tips

In Kentucky, people rush home after work to avoid getting stuck in slow traffic. Florence is particularly well-known for traffic jams and delays since it's so close to Cincinnati. When the rush hour comes, most residents do their best to stay off the highway and surrounding roads.

Despite your best efforts, you'll probably end up in traffic at some point if you live in Florence. How can you avoid a crash when there are multiple lanes of traffic moving at different speeds? That's the real question. There's no way to account for everyone else's actions, but you can take steps to avoid a crash yourself.

Know your rights if a contract is breached in business

During the summer months, your business may be booming. Perhaps you have an outdoor restaurant or run a theme park; whatever it is you do, the warm weather benefits you.

One thing that can cause a problem is when your business has to shut down because of technical issues. For example, if you have an ice cream shop and a machine breaks, you may not be able to open that day or until the machine is repaired.

Here’s a dog bite action plan everyone should follow

You never know when you might be in a serious altercation with an out-of-control dog. Within a matter of seconds, you or your loved one may be suffering serious injuries due to an attack. Dog bites send many young children, elderly adults and average people to the hospital each year. Some injuries require reconstructive surgery, while others result in death due to disease or excessive blood loss.

Don’t be a clueless victim. Know the proper medical and legal procedures to take when faced with a ferocious animal. Your health, finances and future depend on it.

What does an attorney do during a wrongful death lawsuit?

A wrongful death takes place when someone is severely injured and passes away as a result of another person's actions. It could take place because of a car crash, a workplace accident or another incident.

When faced with a wrongful death, families may be left with many things to do. They have to handle funeral arrangements, manage finances, take care of their loved one's estate and more. During this time, it can be helpful to work with an attorney, since there are many legal challenges ahead in the family's future.

Talk to your attorney to prevent personal liability in business

Running a business is a great way to boost your income and provide a service to those around you. In Florence, there are always lots of people, including tourists, to try out your products.

Any time you start a business, it's important to make sure you take steps to avoid personal liability. If someone falls on your property, you want the business to be responsible, not you. If someone gets hurt by a product, you want your business to be affected, not your personal finances.

Crashes between cars and tractor-trailers can be fatal

When tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles collide, the results are often fatal to the occupants of the passenger vehicle. Those traveling in passenger vehicles are much more vulnerable in this type of crash because tractor-trailers weigh significantly more than passenger vehicles do and have a higher ground clearance.

Collisions between tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles can be caused by the truck driver’s actions, such as improperly balancing the load, following too closely behind another vehicle or driving when drowsy. However, some crashes are caused by other drivers on the road who may not understand how to drive safely around such large vehicles.

Wrong-way crashes: A problem between Ohio and Kentucky's highways

Living in Florence, you may travel up to Cincinnati for work or cross the border into Ohio to see friends or family regularly. As you know, the area can be dangerous, and it's relatively busy with construction and traffic nearly around the clock.

That's why it may not be surprising that there have been so many wrong-way collisions between Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. At least seven wrong-way collisions have happened in that vicinity since 2012.

Who's to blame if you're hurt on a sidewalk?

You were walking outside when it happened. You slid and fell, striking your head on the pavement. When you looked back to see what caused you to fall, you noticed a slick area on the sidewalk that was possibly caused by the neighbor's sprinkler system.

The sidewalk itself is public property, but the cause of your fall, you believe, is directly related to your neighbor's sprinklers. Now, you're not sure what you should do. Should you reach out to the city? Do you ask the neighbor to compensate you?

Hit-and-run crashes: Here's what you should do

If you're involved in a crash, the last thing you'd expect is for someone to hit you and then run. Unfortunately, that does happen.

There are a few reasons why people might choose to flee after hitting another vehicle. One could be that the driver is intoxicated or using drugs, so they flee to avoid getting caught. Another driver might choose to flee due to intentionally causing a crash. Others may flee due to fear or confusion after a crash. Regardless of the cause, it's unacceptable behavior.

Crash results in injuries, single vehicle overturning

It's interesting, but in some cases, a single mistake can lead to a multiple-vehicle collision. Take, for example, a woman who was traveling north near Pine Top Road who then pulled in front of a gravel truck that was headed east. She collided with the vehicle as they crossed paths, then moved on to strike a white Chevy pickup truck that was also approaching the intersection.

The gravel truck overturned due to the impact, landing on its side on the shoulder of the parkway. The 54-year-old woman who caused the collision remained at the scene and was taken to the hospital for injuries and treatment. It was later determined that she had been intoxicated at the time of the collision, so she was placed under arrest for a DUI. She had not been wearing a seat belt and was also in possession of drugs.

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