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What are 4 common crash injuries?

When you're in a traffic accident, there are a few kinds of injuries you should watch out for. They are more common than others because of the way the car is designed and the physics involved in a typical crash.

Some common injuries include whiplash, back injuries, brain trauma and broken bones. Here's a little more about each injury and why it happens.

Headed to the pool this summer? Keep your family safe

The Kentucky heat brings your family to the neighborhood pool. While swimming proves to be an entertaining pastime, serious dangerous circumstances surround the pool area.

Children slip and fall on hard concrete at swimming pools across the United States. Personal injury cases may be filed to obtain compensation for medical bills or hospital visits if premises proved unsafe or if pool workers failed to dry the pool deck. Although you may file a lawsuit to help rectify the injuries your child sustained after he or she slipped at the pool, you want to take steps to avoid injury altogether.

3 tips to keep your child safe from dog bites

Dog bites are a danger to everyone, but the group who faces the most harm is children. Children face a risk of dog bites for a few reasons. First, they have not necessarily learned how to handle a dog or how to approach or avoid one they see walking around as a stray. Second, they're short and more likely to be overpowered if a dog jumps or snaps.

As a parent, the worst thing that you can imagine is your child in pain, and that's exactly what a dog bite would cause. How can you help you child avoid injury? Here are three tips.

Where do fatigue-related truck crashes often happen?

Truck drivers getting or staying behind the wheel when drowsy can create major safety hazards out on the roads. Drowsiness can greatly cut into truckers’ driving skills. This sometimes results in drowsy driving crashes.

Where are such truck accidents most likely to occur? A recent study looked into this.

Ask before you pet: Being safe around dogs

There’s nothing better than taking a walk with the family on a warm summer night. And with everyone out, how can the kids resist petting all the neighbor dogs that are on a summer stroll as well?

Many children are natural animal lovers. Between the furry coat and the goofy faces dogs make, who can blame them? But letting your child pet every dog they pass on the street can be a big risk.

Incorporating your side hustle

Sometimes, you set out to make money without planning to start a business. You may sell things on eBay or put paintings on Etsy for extra cash. Maybe you invented something that makes a few bucks on the side.

What happens when your small business projects start making big money?

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