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Headed to the pool this summer? Keep your family safe

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2018 | Personal Injury

The Kentucky heat brings your family to the neighborhood pool. While swimming proves to be an entertaining pastime, serious dangerous circumstances surround the pool area.

Children slip and fall on hard concrete at swimming pools across the United States. Personal injury cases may be filed to obtain compensation for medical bills or hospital visits if premises proved unsafe or if pool workers failed to dry the pool deck. Although you may file a lawsuit to help rectify the injuries your child sustained after he or she slipped at the pool, you want to take steps to avoid injury altogether.

Slip and fall personal injury cases

When a court determines whether you may receive compensation for your child’s fall injuries, it will understand circumstantial evidence. You may wish to take steps to ensure you have the best chance of filing a strong claim. To describe a personal injury situation to a court, you may want to:

  • Write down the circumstances of the accident: Although your child’s fall may prove scary, try to remember to document all aspects of the fall.
  • Collect evidence: Take pictures that may lead to identifying the direct cause of the accident – whether the cause occurred because of employee oversight, another pool visitor or a defective premise.
  • Receive testimonies: You may wish to interview and document witnesses’ observations.

The first goal of a personal injury case proves to be recovery. Be sure that your child is medically taken care of before perusing any information regarding the accident.

Helping your children follow pool rules

To enjoy the pool without injury, parents must help their children understand all safety measures. Although slips and falls may occur even with full preventative measures, reminding your children of general pool rules may prevent future injuries. Tell your children that:

  • They should never run around the pool.
  • They should never dive in a pool.
  • They should refrain from playing too aggressively in the pool.
  • They should always wear proper flotation devices if they are not strong swimmers.
  • They should always wear proper shoes around the pool area.

Should your child become victim to a slip and fall injury at a pool, be sure to get medical aid quickly. After, obtain information that may be useful in a personal injury case. Remember that in order to avoid injury, children should follow all safety rules.