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Doctor continued to work despite claims of causing overdoses

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Wrongful Death

Living in Florence, there is a chance that you could have to travel to Ohio for medical treatments at specialized hospitals. Columbus and Cincinnati both have hospitals that you may go to if you’re involved in a crash or incident while working in the state.

Although this is out-of-network for you, it’s important to know about the hospitals that you could be taken to. For instance, Mount Caramel in Columbus is close to Cincinnati and could be one hospital that patients involved in crashes would be taken to. It was recently in the news because of a doctor who continued to order excessive pain medication for patients.

Some of these affected patients were near death since they received dosages that were potentially fatal. In some instances, it was just luck that patients did not end up passing away. Six patients received large doses that would provide comfort but that were not designed to cause their deaths.

The biggest issue with cases like this is that medical providers sometimes work across state lines. This medical provider is being investigated by the Cleveland Clinic and the State Medical Board, but he continued to work despite the allegations against him. Three patients did pass away during treatment by the medical provider, but it’s not yet proven that the high doses of pain medications were the cause of death.

If you go to a hospital, whether it’s in Kentucky or Ohio, you deserve to know that you’ll receive the right dose of any medication you’re given. Not getting a safe dose is a serious threat to your health and a medical error that could lead to a wrongful death.