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Know your rights if a contract is breached in business

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Business Law

During the summer months, your business may be booming. Perhaps you have an outdoor restaurant or run a theme park; whatever it is you do, the warm weather benefits you.

One thing that can cause a problem is when your business has to shut down because of technical issues. For example, if you have an ice cream shop and a machine breaks, you may not be able to open that day or until the machine is repaired.

For this reason, you probably have mechanics and other repair people you can call to fix items at your business. You signed a contract to confirm how long it would take them to get to you and how long repairs should take. That’s why you were caught off-guard by the last call you made. They didn’t come on time, costing you several days of business.

This is a breach of contract, in most cases, but it would be smart to review your contract to make sure there aren’t any clauses allowing them to delay services. If not, then you may be able to seek compensation from the business to make up for your losses or be able to end the contract and create a new contract with another party without penalty.

Your business attorney will talk to you about what to do if another party breaches a contract with you and forces your business to close. Your business has to be open to make money, so any third party that affects your ability to work should be held accountable when they don’t fulfill their contracts with you.