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What does an attorney do during a wrongful death lawsuit?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Wrongful Death

A wrongful death takes place when someone is severely injured and passes away as a result of another person’s actions. It could take place because of a car crash, a workplace accident or another incident.

When faced with a wrongful death, families may be left with many things to do. They have to handle funeral arrangements, manage finances, take care of their loved one’s estate and more. During this time, it can be helpful to work with an attorney, since there are many legal challenges ahead in the family’s future.

What is an attorney’s role with a wrongful death case?

In a wrongful death case, an attorney’s job is to make the family’s life easier. They will take on all aspects of legal work from filing claims against the people responsible for the decedent’s death to providing information to the family about what they can expect from the case. Your attorney can help you file an insurance claim for your loved one’s death or take the case to court if the insurance company won’t pay enough or if there is no insurance company to cover your losses.

Your attorney can handle calls from the other party’s insurance agent, discussions with the other party’s attorney and other legal matters, so you and your family can focus on what’s most important: each other.

If you lose someone, the sudden shock of that loss can make it hard to do anything. It’s always a good choice to ask for help, so you can focus on your family, the funeral and other matters instead of spending your time speaking with insurance agents and navigating legal matters.