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Crashes in Florence: Close to home? Be cautious

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes can happen anywhere, but if you’re from Florence, you’re probably used to seeing them at least a few times a week. With the busy highway connecting Cincinnati, Lexington and other major cities passing through your city, you know the reality that heavy traffic can cause significant crashes and long delays.

Since you know that the highway should be avoided unless absolutely necessary, you’re probably much more familiar with the residential roads in Florence. While that’s probably safer in some way, the reality is that more people are hurt close to home than anywhere else. Your familiarity with the local area could actually result in injuries.

What can you do to prevent a crash close to home?

One of the best things to remember is that you have to pay attention. Avoid distractions because even if you know the area well, you’ll still miss cues that could help you react and prevent a crash. Looking away from the road for just a few seconds is enough time to threaten your safety and cause a collision.

Avoid distractions like placing a phone call, texting to let someone know you’re almost home or fiddling with items on the passenger seat. Even though you’re in a familiar area, the same threats and hazards are still on the roads. Don’t take your safety for granted.

In addition, you should be sure not to speed. You know the roads well, so it’s easy to speed up accidentally. Stay under the limit, so you have time to stop and prevent crashes. Our site has more on traffic accidents and what you can do if you’re hit.