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Interstate 75 to be part of speeding crackdown through 2020

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Living in Florence, you know how fast people can drive, especially on Interstate 75. I-75 is a busy corridor, so it’s not a surprise that many people speed through the region. The trouble is that speeding increases the risk of injury in a crash and leads to more collisions.

That’s why a crackdown on speeding will start on Oct. 1. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Office of Highway Safety, The Kentucky State Police (KSP) and the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) have partnered with agencies in Covington, Fort Mitchell, Kenton, Erlanger County to address the speeds that are getting out of hand. The officers will be patrolling the interstate between the Ohio River in Covington down to the I-275 interchange.

What are the authorities looking for? Well, it’s not just speeding. They’ll also be issuing citations for following too closely, recklessly driving, improper lane changes and distracted driving, among other violations.

The reason for targeting this area comes down to the high number of speed-related crashes in Kenton County, particularly on I-75. Statistically, this portion of I-75 has an unacceptable number of crashes each year. There are many factors playing a role in those collisions, from the way the roadways are configured to the aggressive driving behaviors of some drivers in the area, but the police are hoping to reduce those issues by taking a more active role over the coming year. The program will run from Oct. 1, 2019 through Sept. 30, 2020.

It’s known that this area is dangerous for drivers. If you’re hit, know that the authorities, and your attorney, are on your side and want to help.