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Drivers unsure about self-driving cars

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people in Kentucky are particularly worried about the dangers posed by negligent human drivers. From drowsy to drunk to distracted driving, there are many types of poor judgment that can lead to dangerous moments on the road. This is one reason why many look toward autonomous technologies and self-driving cars as the wave of the future. Multiple companies are involved in developing cars that may one day be able to drive on their own.

However, while self-driving cars may offer the opportunity to take human error out of the picture, they also are a cause of concern for many people. According to one survey by the American Automobile Association, only 12% of drivers said they would trust riding in a self-driving car where they were not in charge of the car’s decisions. Many more, 28% of respondents, said that they needed to learn more about the technology to understand how they felt. They said they needed more information, especially because many people have dealt with buggy or problematic technology. They worried about the potential for motor vehicle accidents caused by bugs, hackers or malware.

Drivers also expressed their concerns about liability in case of a car accident. Almost 60% said that there would need to be a clear structure laying out who would be responsible in case a fully autonomous vehicle caused a crash. Almost three-fourths said that they would feel more comfortable with autonomous vehicles if they had the option to take over in an emergency situation or in case of a software problem.

For now, autonomous vehicles are still a future project, while human drivers are still causing auto accidents with their negligence. People injured in a crash caused by someone else may work with an attorney to pursue compensation for their damages.