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Driving too slowly can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people in Kentucky know that speeding is dangerous and increases the risk of a severe car accident. However, driving too slowly can also present a danger on the road. On roads with multiple lanes, slow drivers in the left lane may push others to pass on the right, creating a more dangerous environment for everyone. In addition, motorists may wind up behind a very slow driver after turning a corner and quickly catching up, leading to a sudden stop. Drivers behind the original car may also need to suddenly slow, potentially causing a rear-end collision.

While the maximum speed limit is the best-known sign on roads and highways, some areas post minimum speeds as well. Just as with people who drive over the speed limit, those driving under the minimum may receive a ticket for blocking or impeding traffic. Some of these tickets can be even more costly than low-level speeding tickets. There are a number of reasons why drivers may go too slowly, and some of them reflect the same factors that can lead to traffic accidents. For example, distracted drivers using their phones or texting are just as likely to drive too slow as too fast.

In addition, both younger and elderly drivers may be more likely to drive too slow. Teen drivers may feel unsure behind the wheel and creep along as a result, while seniors who have experienced visual or cognitive decline may also be more likely to drive way below the speed limit.

Whatever the reason for driving too slowly, it can present a danger for other drivers and passengers on the road. People who have been injured in a car crash caused by a negligent driver may consult with a personal injury attorney about their options to seek compensation for their damages.