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How ‘attractive nuisances’ can leave homeowners liable

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Injuries On Property

People in Kentucky who are remodeling their homes or adding features like pools, playgrounds and tree houses should be aware that these features could be “attractive nuisances.” An attractive nuisance is anything that might lure children onto a property to play unsupervised, which could lead to injuries and accidents. Since young children can’t be held responsible, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to minimize accident risks as much as possible.

How to reduce the possibility of accidents on one’s property

Features that aren’t properly secured could leave the homeowner at risk for a premises liability lawsuit. Homeowners can reduce this risk by making sure their property is secure even when they’re not present. For example, if a homeowner has a pool in their backyard, they should keep the water covered when it’s not in use, surround the area with a tall fence and remove all toys from the area that might make the pool seem enticing to children.

For playground equipment, homeowners can follow safety recommendations and regularly check the equipment to make sure that it’s not at risk of breaking under a child’s weight. The equipment should also be surrounded by cushioning materials like wood chips or sand. When working on construction projects, tools should be securely packed away when not in use. Also, ladders should be placed flat on the ground to prevent children from attempting to climb them.

What individuals should do in the event of personal injury

If you or your child has been injured on another person’s property, you may want to consider filing a premises liability claim. The first step is to partner with an attorney. With professional legal assistance, you might be able to assess the damage, collect documentation and present a case to court or negotiate a settlement with the other property.