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Age and auto accident injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto accidents can be devastating to people in Kentucky. Cars are huge, heavy machines, and when they collide, the result can be serious injuries. Some age groups are especially prone to car accidents. Senior citizens and teenagers are two groups that are most at risk on the road, but the reasons for that may be surprising.

A look at the data

Everyone knows that teenagers have the most auto accidents and the highest car insurance rates. Senior citizens are also often stereotyped as a very risky age cohort. Both of these groups have more accidents than other age groups, and people often think this is because teens are inexperienced and irresponsible while seniors are old and slow. A closer look at the data reveals an interesting commonality for these groups.

It’s not just decision-making that has a role in collisions. Teens and seniors are also more likely to be driving old cars. The cars may have lots of miles and maintenance issues. They may also have fewer safety features than newer models. For example, they might not have as many airbags as new cars, and they likely lack features like lane assist that help prevent auto accidents.

Auto accident injuries and age

While teens have more accidents overall, their injuries tend to be less serious. Elderly people, on the other hand, are more likely to die as the result of auto accident injuries. Preventing these accidents needs to be a priority. It’s important for people to ensure that their older and younger family members drive roadworthy vehicles.

If the worst happens and there is an auto accident injury, it may be beneficial to contact an experienced lawyer. Insurance companies represent the company’s interests, so you may need a lawyer to represent yours.