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Slips and falls and business owner liability

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Injuries On Property

Slips and falls are common causes of injuries at home, in the workplace and at places of business. These accidents result from a variety of circumstances, and some are preventable.

Business owners have the responsibility to ensure their property is free from all hazards that may lead to falls or other accidents. Injuries caused by slips and falls are extremely costly, and injured customers may have a legal case if they can prove the business owner was negligent.

Facts about slips and falls

According to the Business and Industry Connection Magazine, the injuries and fatalities associated with slips, trips and falls cost businesses billions of dollars every year. A common cause are poor walking surfaces that become slippery from fluid discharge, grease, leaking chemicals and outside weather conditions such as snow and rain.

Many incidents related to slips and falls are preventable, which means that business owners must take steps to minimize the hazards. Owners should focus on frequent spill management and general housekeeping to keep incidents to a minimum.

Proving fault

If a business owner fails to keep the property free from risks, FindLaw discusses that they may be liable for any associated injuries. If an injury victim wants to take legal action, he or she must show proof that the business was negligent. To establish this, one must be able to prove that the owner knew the risky condition existed and did not correct it in a timely manner or refused to correct it. A property owner may also be liable if the victim can prove a statute violation such as the lack of handrails on a stairway.