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Do you know these common slip-and-fall injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Injuries On Property

While shopping a few days ago, you tripped and fell. You do not think you sustained injuries, but are you sure?

To help you determine whether you may have a premises liability case, see what The Joint Chiropractic says about common slip and fall injuries. Do not confuse an injury caused by another’s negligence with an everyday ache or pain.

Back and neck injury

Pay close attention to your neck and back in the coming days and weeks. If you experience aches or pains, you may have a slipped disc or bone fracture. Such injuries require immediate medical attention, as back and neck issues may lead to lost wages if you cannot work.

Hip injury

Do not think that young age protects you from experiencing a broken hip. If you hit your side when you fell, you may have a fractured or bruised hip. What makes this injury type especially devastating is that you may need surgery to recover fully, and your recovery may take longer than you think.

Traumatic brain injury

Did you strike your head when you took a tumble? If so, have a medical professional examine you for a potential traumatic brain injury. You may have a hard time discerning TBI symptoms on your own, making it vital that you see a professional to protect your overall health and ensure that any condition you have does not worsen.

While you may feel perfectly fine after your fall now, that does not mean you cannot experience delayed injury symptoms. Make an appointment with your doctor to give yourself peace of mind and protect your right to fair compensation.