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Why you should get immediate medical care after a car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

No matter the speed or the number of vehicles or victims in a car accident, it is always a serious matter. Injuries are common and it is not always easy to deal with the fallout, especially if you believe you are fine.

Instead of waiting until you have noticeable symptoms or injuries that disrupt your life, consider why it is best to seek out medical care right after an auto accident.

Not all injuries show up immediately

Car accidents cause the body to move in abnormal ways that lead to muscle stiffness, strains and bruising. Not all signs of sprains, strains and stiffness are indicative of minor or mild injuries. It is just as possible for you to sustain serious and potentially catastrophic injuries in low-speed accidents as it is in collisions involving excessive speeds.

Also, the absence of symptoms or obvious trauma does not mean you are necessarily okay. Car accidents can cause silent mental and physical trauma that may interfere with your ability to resume your daily activities. Some common silent injuries include concussions, organ damage and whiplash. No matter the cause, motor vehicle injuries can become worse and, in some cases, result in death without proper and timely medical intervention.

Preserve your right to compensation

Medical care is not cheap, nor is it always an expected expense. The law allows motor vehicle accident victims to sue for compensation to minimize their out-of-pocket contributions towards their medical expenses and physical recovery. To qualify for compensation, you must file a personal injury claim that proves that you have injuries or lost or damaged property from the collision. That claim must highlight that your medical costs stem from the process of diagnosing and treatment of your accident trauma.