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Kentucky’s construction zones saw 905 crashes in 2020

On Behalf of | May 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most drivers feel frustration when they encounter road construction, as construction zones may lead to confusion and lengthy delays. Road construction is also dangerous and, in some cases, deadly, as evidenced by the rising number of crashes taking place in Kentucky’s work zones.

Per the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, there are many hazards in construction zones. Learning to reduce or mitigate these hazards should make Kentucky’s work zones safer areas to navigate. There were 905 work zone crashes involving Kentucky residents and visitors in 2020, and many of them resulted in at least one serious injury or fatality. These 905 crashes also claimed six lives in 2020.

Work zone crash hazards

Many work zone wrecks result from motorists speeding, driving while distracted or both. Construction zones also often have numerous construction-related crash hazards, such as loose gravel, unfamiliar detours or visual obstructions that prevent drivers from seeing in certain directions.

When drivers navigate work zones while speeding or driving under the influence, they may find it even harder to avoid these construction-related hazards. This may lead to crashes, injuries and fatalities.

Work zone safety tips

Kentucky motorists should make a point to slow down when navigating work zones, both for the sake of safety and their wallets. Violators who speed face accruing points on their licenses that may lead to a license suspension. Drivers navigating work zones should also avoid using their phones or in-vehicle navigation systems so they may devote their full attention to getting through the construction zone safely.

Kentucky motorists may want to consider taking or finding alternate routes when they know road construction exists in a certain area.