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Is your restaurant safe for your employees?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2022 | Injuries On Property

You may place a high priority on the safety of your restaurant’s patrons. However, the safety of your employees is just as important. Restaurant staff can easily incur injuries on the job. If you do not create a safe work environment, you may be liable for the wounds that they sustain.

Restaurant Technologies says that many employees may slip and fall as they perform their job duties. In a busy kitchen, people may spill grease and liquids on the floor. Food may also fall as someone transports it through the restaurant. Additionally, staff members are more likely to fall in perennially wet areas. One study found that most accidents take place near fryer vats and sinks because these areas usually have more moisture.

Know the cost

You may not realize how costly an injury can be. Slips and falls account for about 20% of the injuries that occur in restaurants each year. While some incidents may be minor, others could result in serious wounds. Employees may need to take time away from work as they recover. If a wound is particularly severe, they may need to receive disability benefits during the recovery period.

Implement training

One of the best ways to prevent slips and falls is to make sure that your staff is knowledgeable. Training for new employees should usually include an emphasis on safety. Make sure that every staff member knows to put up a wet floor sign after they mop. You could also emphasize the importance of wearing slip-resistant shoes. Additionally, you could model safe behavior. If you mop up spills and remove hazards as soon as you see them, your employees will be more likely to follow your example.

You may want to review safety techniques once per quarter. This helps to ensure that everyone understands the importance of following these procedures.