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Can a TBI change your coping mechanisms?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Getting a head injury can change many aspects of a victim’s life, or even themselves. This extends as far as behavior and personality, and can even manifest in coping mechanism differences.

But just how do TBIs change these mechanisms? Why does it happen and who can it affect?

Frontal lobe damage

According to the CDC Injury Center, TBIs can impact many parts of a victim, including their coping mechanisms. This can affect any victim of a head injury, but people who suffer from damage to the frontal lobe often have a particularly hard time.

This is due to the frontal lobe serving as the location for impulse control, as well as temperament. When the frontal lobe suffers damage, the victim often loses some of their ability to curb their impulses and may begin to act or speak without thinking.

Likewise, temperament may end up affected, with victims feeling easily agitated or irritated over things that may not have bothered them before. This can go for stressors, too. Things that a victim previously handled with no problem may suddenly seem like an impossible hurdle.

Stress-induced breakdowns

This can lead to stress-related breakdowns or even lashing out at others due to a build-up of smaller stressors. Unfortunately, not only can this negatively impact a victim’s life in general, but it can even put their employability at risk. After all, having an employee who breaks down over small stress and inconveniences is not conducive to most business environments.

This is one of many reasons why it is important to get fast and accurate treatment for any head injury in its immediate aftermath.