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How can an attractive nuisance lead to injuries on your property?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Injuries On Property

While you may account for the most obvious injuries on your property, you may not notice one important source. Attractive nuisances are large objects or areas that attract children who want to play on them or with them.

This means that these children can suffer from serious injuries if they are on your property. Learning about the differences and importance of how attractive nuisances lead to injuries can help everyone stay safe.

Danger of drowning

According to the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School, one of the most common examples of this is swimming pools found in backyards. Children are usually drawn to water and large open areas.

These bodies of water can entice children to walk close to the edge and potentially fall in, which can result in drowning. Unattended children or pools without gates and signs can also contribute to this problem.

Bodily harm from equipment and machines

Children are also drawn to pieces of construction equipment, since some parts may seem like a place to climb on or move back and forth. Falling from these tall structures can leave them with serious spinal cord or back injuries.

Unsafe ladders or rusted areas where children can accidentally cut themselves can also contribute to these injuries.

Abandoned playground areas

While you may see the obvious risk when it comes to old playground swings or slides in your yard, children who are on your property are likely not old enough to understand why something could be harmful. This means they may climb on and play with these pieces of playground equipment without your permission.

Staying aware of what attractive nuisances are and why they can harm children will help you if an injury happens.