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How do frontal lobe injuries manifest?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Personal Injury

Getting into a crash will often result in trauma to different parts of the brain, depending on where the impact came from. Hits to the front and back of a car will often result in trauma to the frontal lobe.

MedlinePlus looks into trauma to the brain and head and how it affects victims. Of course, each person will respond differently to such an injury. However, as the same parts of the brain control the same things in every person, it is likely that victims sharing damage in one area will show similar symptoms.

The symptoms of frontal lobe injuries typically include behavioral differences and memory problems.

Behavioral problems

The frontal lobe controls impulse and behavioral regulation. When damaged, a victim will often seem more prone to anger or easier to irritate. They may even lash out at loved ones, saying and doing things they normally would not. This is often one of the hardest parts for the loved ones to deal with.

Memory loss

As far as memory goes, the frontal lobe helps short-term memories solidify and become long-term memories. When this part of the brain does not function very well, people will often grow more forgetful. This can have a serious impact on a victim’s personal and professional life, even preventing them from continuing to work at their jobs. Many victims have to entirely restructure how they live based on these memory deficits.

The effects of a frontal lobe injury can have serious impacts on a victim in the aftermath of their accident. The injured person may need financial compensation to help as they adjust to their new life.