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Are second-degree burns serious?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Personal Injury

Burn injuries come in a variety of forms and may happen due to numerous incidents or accidents. It is important to understand the severity of these differing degrees.

Understanding the severity allows victims to act appropriately and get the treatment they need.

Defining second-degree burns

Healthline takes a look at varying degrees of burn injury severity. First-degree burns are considered the mildest, second degree are moderate and third degree are the most extreme.

This categorization may lead people to wonder what exactly a “moderate” burn means, however. Is it something a victim should seek medical treatment for? Are second-degree burns serious?

By definition, a second-degree burn becomes a severe injury if it is on the face or if it is elsewhere on the body but larger than 3 inches in diameter. These burns require immediate medical attention in order to limit health risks, complications and scarring.

However, this does not mean other second-degree burns are not serious. Even first-degree burns require medical attention at times.

Seeking medical aid

In general, after a victim gets burned, they should consider seeking medical aid if the injury begins to blister. While it is possible to treat second-degree burns at home and they do not often require complex medical care, it is best to get a medical personnel’s opinion on how to treat the area.

Getting accurate and quick medical treatment can mean the difference between a smooth recovery, or one pockmarked by complications. This is true even for burns that are moderate to mild in nature.