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2 kinds of traumatic injuries associated with car accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every car is installed with seat belts and airbags in order to follow safety guidelines. While your seat belts and airbags are there to reduce incoming impacts, they can’t prevent every injury. Studies have shown that seat belts reduce serious injuries by half and your airbags may reduce fatal injuries by 37%.

In a serious car accident, you’re very likely to suffer from traumatic medical conditions. These injuries may affect your spine and head. In some cases, you may even suffer from psychological problems. Take a look at the following traumatic injuries you may experience after a collision:

Herniated disk

The spine is made of vertebrae, each with a liquid sack in between to cushion nerves and bone. In a car accident, your spine may suffer from a blow, which can rupture these liquid sacks. As a result, you may suffer extreme pain as the vertebrae rub against the nerves – this is called a herniated disk.

A herniated disk can leave people suffering tremendous pain. It may cause people to struggle to move, walk, sit up or lay down. Herniated discs heal over time, but many people have to seek physical therapy to support the healing process.


A concussion generally occurs when someone suffers a blow or hit to the head. This often happens to people who’ve been in a car accident and had their head jolted forward and back. As a result, the brain shakes around in the skull. The sudden movements can stretch and damage brain cells.

Concussions often leave people dizzy and confused. Some people may develop depression or headaches. Others have reported developing insomnia.

If you’ve suffered injuries from a car accident, then you should understand your legal rights when seeking compensation for your medical bills.