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2 reasons why trucking accidents happen

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Trucking is an industry that is crucial to the American economy. Truckers haul many of the common goods people find in stores, medicine for hospital use, raw materials, industrial materials, gas and food. Without semi-trucks, it is widely believed that there would be a virtual disappearance of fresh food, clean water and many of the basic goods that support the nation in a matter of days.

However, even though trucks are essential to the country, they’re also very dangerous. There are, very unfortunately, several thousand fatal accidents that happen each year that involve large commercial trucks. There are numerous reasons why these crashes occur, including reasons why truck operators often cause these crashes. Here are just a few.

Untrained and inexperienced drivers

The economy has seen a major shift in the last several years. As a result, many people are working less and many companies lack enough employees to stay afloat. This reality has unquestionably affected the trucking industry. Because of this phenomenon, many trucking companies are hiring younger and less-experienced workers.

While hiring younger workers gives people the experience they need for the future and supports the broader economy, there are a few concerns that accompany this practice. For example, many newer workers aren’t given enough training and don’t have nearly enough experience to handle large vehicles as safely as they should before taking long-haul jobs. An untrained and inexperienced driver can easily cause a trucking accident.

Physical and mental health difficulties

Trucking isn’t a glamorous job no matter how many TV shows want to make it seem that way. For example, truckers, typically, aren’t given enough benefits to sustain their health.

Many truckers go days and weeks without a healthy meal, a solid amount of sleep or the chance to tend to their hygiene. Their jobs are also very isolating. All of these challenges and more can lead to mental health issues such as depression and physical health issues like obesity and high blood pressure. When a trucker’s health goes unchecked and unregulated, it puts truckers and other drivers alike at a heightened risk of serious injuries from an accident.

Know that if you’ve recently been injured in a trucking accident, you’ll want to be aware of your legal rights so that you can feel empowered to seek compensation for your medical expenses and other losses. Truck accidents happen all the time but that doesn’t mean that you simply have to bear the burden of your suffering without seeking justice.