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Slip-and-falls in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | Injuries On Property, Personal Injury

Slipped and fell on snow or ice this winter? You are not alone. Slip-and-falls are the most common injuries in the United States, especially during the winter because of inclement weather. Melting snow and ice on the street, sidewalks, parking lots and even inside buildings can easily make for slippery surfaces leading to a fall and injury.

Whether you slipped while climbing the stairs of a public building or on the sidewalk outside someone’s private property, you may have a claim if the injuries you sustained could have been prevented.

People who own and rent a property are responsible for keeping it clean and safe to avoid slip-and-falls. They are also responsible for warning others if the state of their property or part of their property (say, an aisle in a grocery store) is unsafe.

Snow and ice accumulation

During the winter months and after every snowfall, property owners are responsible for clearing the area of the property where people can walk through—for example, sidewalks. Also, the law requires that property owners address these issues within a reasonable period of time. Each state is different, but this is generally the case.

However, many property owners fail to follow the law and sometimes will completely ignore that a storm has happened. After days of snow turning into ice, people walking by can easily fall and become injured when the property owner could have prevented it.

Slip-and-falls due to weather conditions are complicated, especially if they cause serious injuries. Understanding your rights under the law is critical.