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Was your vision damaged during a car accident? 

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every one of our senses is important but many people would favor their vision over others. Our eyes are precious and they are also delicate. 

The sad reality is that our vision can be damaged during a road traffic collision. Outlined below are some of the more common causes of eye injuries. 

Blunt trauma 

A high-speed collision can generate a tremendous amount of force. Even a low-speed collision can generate enough force to cause serious injuries. The eyes are simply not designed to withstand these sorts of impacts. A knock to the head or sudden jolt can result in the retina becoming attached. This is a serious injury that requires immediate medical treatment. While the damage is often repairable, in severe cases, permanent visual damage can be suffered. 

The eyes themselves do not have to be damaged directly for the vision to be affected. A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) could affect the areas of the brain that are involved in the perceptual system. 

Flying objects 

Most people carry certain items in their vehicles. For instance, coins, keys and cell phones may be held in a compartment for safekeeping. Luggage might be left on the back seat. There may even be children’s toys on the floor from the last time they were in the car. During a collision, all of these items can become missiles. Flying debris that enters the eyes during a crash has the potential to cause serious visual injuries. 

If you have been injured due to the negligent actions of another road user, then you may be able to hold them to account. It may be wise to seek some legal guidance to find out whether or not you may be entitled to personal injury compensation.