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3 types of injuries that may not heal without treatment

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents are as inconvenient as they are dangerous. Even with minor injuries, you have many steps to take after a crash, from filing a claim to getting proper treatment.

Many people who don’t think they suffered serious harm don’t fight to protect their compensation, often because it is inconvenient. Unfortunately, those seemingly minor injuries can worsen over time or heal improperly without medical attention. Here are a few of those.

Head injuries

You’ve probably suffered a few head bumps without any ill effects. Still, when it involves the force and trauma of a collision, consider getting a doctor’s opinion and following their orders. People with head and brain injuries often need continuing treatment and therapy to promote proper healing.

Bone fractures

Of course, the pain of a severe fracture will probably cause you to obtain treatment, but small fractures also need attention. Bone fractures require proper setting and immobilization techniques or they may not heal well. This can result in chronic pain and possible deformity.

Soft tissue injuries

A sprained muscle or tendon may not seem like a big deal, and often such injuries pose no lasting problems. However, most of them require physical and other types of therapy to ensure long-lasting mobility and comfort. Untreated back injury pain, for instance, sometimes plagues crash victims for life.

If another driver was at fault for the crash, before you accept a quick settlement or let a denial of compensation pass unchallenged, ensure that your injuries will not need ongoing treatment to heal properly. It is sometimes possible to include future medical expenses in your car accident claim in Kentucky and other states. That means you could obtain enough to help you pay for continuing treatment that might improve your condition and life.