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4 of the most common car crash injuries in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every mile traveled in a motor vehicle slightly increases someone’s overall risk of being involved in a crash. Those who spend quite a bit of time in motor vehicles are far more likely than those who rarely drive or ride in other vehicles to end up hurt or dying because of a traffic collision.

Overall, car wrecks are a top cause of death for people of all ages in the United States. They are also a leading cause of some of the most severe injuries possible. When looking at car crash statistics across Kentucky in recent years, it is clear that there are some kinds of injuries that tend to occur more frequently than others.

Broken bones

The force of two vehicles colliding is often more than strong enough to break a bone in the human body. In fact, people may experience multiple fractures or severe fractures. Even basic breaks could mean six weeks or more away from work.

Spinal cord injuries

Blunt force trauma, penetrating wounds and rapid vehicle motion can all contribute to the possibility of a spinal cord injury. Car crashes cause numerous complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries every year that affect victims’ motor function and daily life. Such injuries often lead to major medical expenses and a change of profession if someone works in a physically-demanding career.

Traumatic brain injuries

There are many ways for someone to injure their brain in a car crash. They could hit their head on the steering wheel or the window. They could experience the powerful force of an explosion or penetrating injuries caused by flying debris. They could also experience very violent motions that shake their heads so much that their brains end up bleeding or inflamed. Traumatic brain injuries can be hard to diagnose because they often have delayed symptom onset and present such a broad assortment of different symptoms.

Soft tissue injuries

Whiplash is possibly the injury with the strongest association with car crashes. People know that those rear-ended can end up with debilitating pain in their neck and shoulders that limits their functionality for weeks or longer in severe cases. Soft tissue injuries often take days to become noticeable, meaning that people may leave the scene of a crash not realizing that they’ve been hurt.

The injuries that occur in a Kentucky car crash may necessitate an insurance claim or possibly a lawsuit to help someone cover their expenses. Seeking legal guidance is a good place to start.