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2 children hurt as truck collides with home in Northern Kentucky

Sometimes, car crashes don't happen on the road. Cars that leave the road could hit mailboxes, parked cars, homes or other items. Take, for example, this case involving a vehicle that collided with a home and injured two children inside.

Interstate 75 to be part of speeding crackdown through 2020

Living in Florence, you know how fast people can drive, especially on Interstate 75. I-75 is a busy corridor, so it's not a surprise that many people speed through the region. The trouble is that speeding increases the risk of injury in a crash and leads to more collisions.

Let your attorney help with your case's settlement

There are many different injuries you may suffer from as a result of a car crash. You could have a head injury, back injury, broken bones, torn ligaments or other conditions. In many cases, your injuries will heal. However, in some, you may be left with permanent wounds.

Crashes in Florence: Close to home? Be cautious

Car crashes can happen anywhere, but if you're from Florence, you're probably used to seeing them at least a few times a week. With the busy highway connecting Cincinnati, Lexington and other major cities passing through your city, you know the reality that heavy traffic can cause significant crashes and long delays.

Wrong-way crashes: A problem between Ohio and Kentucky's highways

Living in Florence, you may travel up to Cincinnati for work or cross the border into Ohio to see friends or family regularly. As you know, the area can be dangerous, and it's relatively busy with construction and traffic nearly around the clock.

Crash results in injuries, single vehicle overturning

It's interesting, but in some cases, a single mistake can lead to a multiple-vehicle collision. Take, for example, a woman who was traveling north near Pine Top Road who then pulled in front of a gravel truck that was headed east. She collided with the vehicle as they crossed paths, then moved on to strike a white Chevy pickup truck that was also approaching the intersection.

Will that hands-free texting system really keep you safe?

It's become clear that texting while driving leads to deadly car accidents, and you know it. That's why you invested in a hands-free texting system that uses talk-to-text technology. All you have to do is push a button, and then your mobile device transcribes what you say.

The '3-second-rule' isn't always enough

You may have heard of the three-second rule, which is intended to prevent tailgating. Essentially, it just means that you should always be at least three seconds behind the next car. This way, if that car stops suddenly, you have enough time to react and stop without hitting it.

Multivehicle crash leads to multiple injuries near Florence

Crashes happen on highways frequently. There is always the issue of high levels of traffic, and it's easy to see how the stop-and-go nature of traffic could result in an accident. If you live in Kentucky or lower Ohio, then you're familiar with I-71 and I-75. Both highways are particularly dangerous due to the heavy traffic flow each allows for every day.

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